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The Importance of a good night's sleep for students!

October 17, 2011

Better Sleep Council’s back-to-school survey results—U.S. and U.K., too!

As kids headed back to school this fall, the U.S. Better Sleep Council teamed up with the U.K. Sleep Council to survey parents’ attitudes about the importance of sleep in their children’s lives. The results were alarming! Only 45% of U.S. parents and a just 22% of U.K. parents believe their children earn better grades when they get more sleep, showing a surprising lack of awareness of the role sleep plays in school performance.

However, a majority of U.S. parents (85%) said that their kids seem crabbier when getting less sleep during the school
year, while less than half (44%) of U.K. parents said that was a problem. Both the U.S. and U.K. councils are alerting parents that sufficient nightly sleep is an important factor in classroom success.

Tips for parents include:
✓ Remove electronics from the bedroom or establish an electronics curfew an hour before bedtime.
✓ Make sure the bedroom is cool and quiet.
✓ Try to get the child into a routine.
✓ Encourage 30 minutes of exercise daily.
✓ Talk with your child about the day, ask about fears and concerns and offer reassurance.
✓ Check the quality of your child’s mattress. If it is seven years old or older, replacing it may be vital to improving the sleep environment.

The BSC is the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA). To learn more, visit

The Sleep Council is funded by the National Bed Federation, a trade association for British manufacturers. To learn
more, visit

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