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Your Next Great Night's Sleep!

February 4, 2015

Your Next Great Night's Sleep!

Have the nights become restless for you? Do you have trouble getting comfortable before falling asleep? Are you waking up with more pain and more tired than when you went to sleep? Maybe it is time for a new mattress!

We have been taught and trained by various studies over the years that 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for each of us to function well and be productive throughout the day. That is one-third of every single day that we are suggested to sleep! Many of us, for various reasons, fall short of that number on a nightly basis. While there could be numerous causes of this, one of them may be that you are in need of a new mattress! Quite a few experts say we should change our mattresses every eight to ten years, however, if you are sleeping uncomfortably, it may need to happen sooner than anticipated, in order to sleep better.

When we sleep better, we are more productive during the day, whether it be at work, running errands, practicing for sports, going to school, etc. We become more alert and are focused for a longer period of time before getting tired. It is important that you do not shortchange yourself when it comes to buying a new mattress. Find one that fits your body and reduces your pressure points. Whether it is firm, plush, pillowtop, or a gel-memory foam style, we can help you find that better night’s sleep. Test drive as many as you can when you are shopping. After all, when sleeping on it for 7-8 hours per night, it’s important to pick the right one. That’s almost 3,000 hours per year, and roughly 30,000-35,000 over the suggested 8-10 year time frame! The numbers add up, so why shouldn’t you find the best mattress possible? Let us help you find it today!

Image: Southerland Bedding

Decorate for December!

December 1, 2014

We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Can you believe that it is already December? Since the holiday season is so short this year, it can also be quite stressful if you’re hosting Christmas at your house or you’re trying to hunt down those perfect gifts for all of your family members. Instead of letting the stress get to you, ensure that your home is in tip-top shape with these helpful tips. If you take care of all your holiday housekeeping at the beginning of the month, by the time Christmas rolls around, you can sit back and relax with a cup of hot cocoa.

Adhere to your favorite traditions: It may be difficult to adhere to every holiday ritual this year, especially since the season is short. Sometimes, we get so obsessed with celebrating the season with cookies, presents and expensive decor that we forget the true meaning of the holiday. We suggest making a list of three of your favorite holiday traditions; whether this includes ice skating or donating toys to those less fortunate; and be sure to follow them this year. Make time for what you consider to be truly important.

Decorate: Dig out the Christmas lights and test them early in the month, so you have ample time to replace nonworking strands. Hang exterior lights, wreaths and swags, being sure to use only exterior-rated lights, and plug them in safely to an outside outlet if possible.

Get cozy: Tis the season to add a cozy throw blanket to your El Paso furniture! When the holiday stress gets to you, sit back and relax in your La-Z-Boy recliner from DAW’S Home Furnishings. We look forward to seeing you for all of your holiday home furnishing needs!

Picking Out the Best Wood Furniture

November 17, 2014

Picking Out the Best Wood Furniture

With so many options out in the world of wood furniture, how do you know which is the best quality to purchase? When looking for wood furniture, there are ways to judge the quality of wood. Today, we will explore one of those ways: the source of the wood itself.

Your furniture is made of different woods that can be classified as hard, soft, or engineered wood. Generally speaking, quality furniture is made out of hard wood which comes from deciduous trees such as oak, maple, mahogany, teak, walnut, cherry and birch. The wood will have been air dried and then kiln dried to remove all the moisture. Coniferous trees such as pine, fir, redwood and cedar produce what is known as soft wood. It is possible to find good quality furniture in these woods also, but since they are more prone to scratches and dents they require more care. Engineered wood shouldn’t necessarily be dismissed as second rate, as it provides strength, and also helps prevent splitting or warping. It can make for sturdy, long lasting and highly attractive furniture when used with high quality veneers, with the proper care.

At DAW’S, we strive to carry all the different types of wood: hard wood, soft wood, and engineered wood. Having all the options to show will help you make the best decision when it comes to picking out your new bedroom set, dining room set, or occasional table set. We have been serving the El Paso area for over 63 years, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Furniture vs. Man's Best Friend

November 10, 2014

Are you already a pet owner or are your children begging for a puppy this Christmas? Although dogs are man’s best friend, they may be your living room’s worst enemy. If you’re afraid to incorporate a cuddly addition into your home because you’re worried that a pet may wreck your furniture, take a look at some helpful tips to pet-proof your pad:

Invest in doggy gates: If you have an extra fancy room in your home, like a dining room, that you don’t want your pet to get into, think about adding a gate to your home. Gates are easy to install and can be removed or added to your liking.

Purchase sturdy furniture: Sometimes when a furniture item isn’t sturdy enough, pets can easily wreck the wood or fabric. If you’re looking for quality furniture to stand the test of time, come stop by our showroom to let our consultants help you pick out the right furniture. Whether you need a mattress or a La-Z-Boy recliner, we can help you find what you want.

Think like an animal: To dog-proof your furniture, start by viewing your home from his point of view. What can he reach and what would he be most attracted to? Many animals are attracted to similar things, so bear in mind these tips as you protect your furniture.

Throw a cover over your furniture: If you notice that your pet favors one particular item of furniture, simply buy a throw cover. Covers can be easily washed to minimize any pet hair or stains from getting on your beloved sofa.

For all of your home furnishing needs, visit the Daw Family today! DAW’S Home Furnishings has been El Paso’s favorite place to shop for furniture, mattresses, appliances, TVs, and home décor for over 63 years! We hope to see you soon!

Warm Your Home Up Today

November 3, 2014

Warm Your Home Up Today

The El Paso desert is home to rich, warm colors and earth tones. We have been here for over 63 years, and we love our desert and all of its colors that invoke deep, sentimental feelings. An El Paso Sunset is truly unforgettable. Why not try bringing these shades into your home to create a look appropriate for the fall and winter seasons? Check out some ideas on how to exude this warm look in your house.

Couch: When choosing a sofa, think about selecting warm-colored hues, such as dark brown. A chocolate brown sofa is a practical choice if you live with kids or pets since the darker fabric will hide dirt or smudges. Pair it with natural wood tones and comfortable toss pillows in shades of red and yellow to evoke the feeling of fall each time you enter the space. Stop in and let our consultants help you pick out the perfect living room set!

Fabrics: Fabrics in the colors of burgundy, gold or beige evoke a rich, warm feeling within the home. Switch up your home curtain or drapes, or even add an area rug, to correspond to this theme. Also, add throw blankets and rugs to your living room.

Wood: The great thing about wood furniture, such as coffee tables or end tables, is that these varieties are often already designed in warm hues so you don’t need to make any additional tweaks. Browse our selection of furniture that is sure to complement your overall design scheme.

For even more tips on selecting the perfect furniture for every room in your house, be sure to stop by and visit us today! We have been El Paso’s favorite place to shop for furniture, mattresses, appliances, TVs, and home decor for over 63 years! We are ready to help you today!

Wow...The Holidays Are Coming Up Fast!

October 27, 2014

Wow...The Holidays Are Coming Up Fast!

Did it not just seem like we were celebrating the holidays? A whole year has already gone by? Time is sure moving fast, and we wished it would slow down a bit too! However, it is time to start thinking about getting our homes ready for all of our holiday guests. Whether it be a new dining room set, or getting the guest room ready for your visitors, we have some helpful, easy suggestions to help:

1. If it is just not feasible to get new furniture this year, consider adding some festive, holiday décor in your high traffic areas. Some new dining room centerpieces, candles, autumn leaves, or even a picture would make a difference.

2. Rollaway beds, or sleeper sofas, are practical, inexpensive ways to have a comfortable place for your guests to sleep. Rollaway beds can be tucked away in a closet when not being used, and a sleeper sofa can be used comfortably all year when guests aren’t around.

3. Often times, we see that many will choose to place their current master bedroom mattress set in the guest bedroom, especially if it is starting to age a bit, and then purchase a brand new mattress for the master bedroom. What a great reason to start getting a better night’s sleep!

If it is time to get your home ready for the holidays, we would love to help! We have been helping El Pasoans for over 63 years find the furniture and home décor of their dreams, with top-notch customer service before, during, and after the sale! Let us know how we are able to help you find solutions for all of your furniture, appliance, mattress, TV, and home décor needs!

The Little Things Make a Difference

October 20, 2014

The Little Things Make a Difference

Maybe now is not the best time to purchase new furniture to give your room a new look. For whatever reason, it does not seem justifiable or feasible to replace a complete bedroom set when it is only one or two years old, or still in excellent condition after many years. So what do you do to make a change?

Here are some affordable tips to make a new splash with the furniture you already have:

1. Changing the comforter set out will give a fresh appearance.
2. New lamps make all the difference going from “plain” to classy.
3. Table top accessories on dressers and chests will create a sense of elegance.
4. Changing the paint color. This one will be the most time consuming and make require some extra help, however it will give you the most updated look you could ask for!

If it is time to change out your bedroom set, or if you want to give your current bedroom furniture a lift with some new accessories, we would love to help! We have been helping El Pasoans for over 63 years find the bedroom set of their dreams! Let us know how we are able to help you find solutions for all of your furniture, appliance, mattress, TV, and home décor needs!

Where to Begin

October 13, 2014

Where to Begin

Where to Begin

You are about to begin your furniture shopping experience. Maybe this is your first go-around with moving out for the first time, or maybe it has been 30 years since you last furnished your home. We want to do our best to make your experience with us as easy as possible, so here are some tips we would like to share with you to help you begin:
1. Bring with you dimensions of the room or rooms you are looking to furnish. Having these dimensions could make the difference between a 96” sofa or an 84” sofa, or if you are able to fit a king-size or queen-size bed in your master bedroom.
2. If you are matching furniture you have in the room, feel free to bring a piece of the furniture with you to get as close of a match as possible. Whether it is a drawer off of a dresser or a pillow from a sofa, it will make a huge difference and will create less stress when making a decision. Often, it is hard to know what colors will look like together without seeing it in person. Don’t second guess when it comes to matching.
3. Appliance shopping can be tedious because there are so many models out there. Having the dimensions of the space or spaces ready to go will help narrow down your choices to make an easier decision.
4. Smartphones have revolutionized the furniture industry! By taking pictures of the spaces you are looking to furnish, it will help our consultants give the best advice for designing the room.

We have been helping citizens of El Paso and the surrounding areas with all of their furniture, appliance, mattress, TV, and home décor needs since 1951. Let us know how we are able to help you find solutions today! DAW’S Home Furnishings…we are the family behind the values!

2 more tips on how to arrange your furniture

October 4, 2014

2 more tips on how to arrange your furniture

There is no one method to use when trying to position your home's furniture appropriately to maximize its stylistic and practical values. In fact, the bevy of ways you can use your sofas, tables and other items to express yourself and create a comfortable living space is why interior designing is so widely accepted as an art form. There are endless possibilities regarding what you can do. Nevertheless, all of those options sometimes require guidelines to provide you with some sort of direction.

Here are two tips to be mindful of when trying to optimize the value of your furniture:

Nurture healthy relationships: When interior designers speak about the relationship between items they're really discussing the concept of balance. The two forms of balance in designing are symmetrical and asymmetrical. With bilateral symmetry, there are two of every piece of furniture in a space. Asymmetry refers to differences in sizes, colors and shapes. While symmetrical appearances are used to convey a calm and restful space, asymmetry evokes visual motility and energy.

Splurge on the lighting: HGTV designer Erinn Valencich tells Woman's Day that "lighting is one of the most important elements in a space. And placement should maximize light in the room."

Not only does the amount of light matter, but the quality of your lighting can be a playful way to set the tone of a space. Strategically positioning three lamps in a room can provide a lovely triangle of light that provides a feeling of more space as well as a fresh decorative presence.

From placing all rugs and carpets under furniture to positioning dining room tables directly under the light and buying the largest coffee tables you can, the philosophies on what makes a good home design are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow. Nevertheless, when you've decided on what direction you want to take your home's look in, use DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores to find all of the high quality and affordable pieces you need. Contact us today!

2 tips on how to arrange your home’s furniture

October 3, 2014

2 tips on how to arrange your home’s furniture

One of the most frustrating aspects of furniture shopping is finding the perfect piece but having no idea how to make it work within your home. Sometimes the complication comes with making the color of a la z boy recliner match the shade of your living room walls. Other times there is an internal struggle over how much space you're willing to sacrifice for the most beautiful contemporary leather sofa you've ever seen. 

Most professional designers will tell you that the best way to determine how furniture pieces fit in your home is through trial and error. Nevertheless, home decorating is an art that often requires careful calculations of style and needs, which sometimes necessitates a few standard guidelines to help simplify the process. 

Here are two design rules of thumb to remember when trying to properly arrange your furniture: 

Couches need a little space: Former HGTV host and celebrity designer Angelo Surmelis tells Woman's Day that "placing a couch even a few inches away from the wall will create a little breathing room and make a space seem larger."

Another way you can play with furniture and space if you have a large room is by positioning a large sofa in the center, facing a set of windows or fireplace. This maneuver will give the area a feel of having been split into two areas. 

Mix up sizes: Another trick to remember when trying to assemble enough furniture pieces for a room is that mixing up sizes can result in a very appealing look. Especially if you're looking for a more interesting and challenging visual experience, jumbling different sizes and colors of furniture together adds an undeniable energy to the area.

When looking to maximize the effect of your home's furniture, it's a great idea to maximize the amount of pieces you're choosing from. DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores has an extensive selection of beautiful and affordable products for you to consider. Contact us today!

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