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The Little Things Make a Difference

October 20, 2014

The Little Things Make a Difference

Maybe now is not the best time to purchase new furniture to give your room a new look. For whatever reason, it does not seem justifiable or feasible to replace a complete bedroom set when it is only one or two years old, or still in excellent condition after many years. So what do you do to make a change?

Here are some affordable tips to make a new splash with the furniture you already have:

1. Changing the comforter set out will give a fresh appearance.
2. New lamps make all the difference going from “plain” to classy.
3. Table top accessories on dressers and chests will create a sense of elegance.
4. Changing the paint color. This one will be the most time consuming and make require some extra help, however it will give you the most updated look you could ask for!

If it is time to change out your bedroom set, or if you want to give your current bedroom furniture a lift with some new accessories, we would love to help! We have been helping El Pasoans for over 63 years find the bedroom set of their dreams! Let us know how we are able to help you find solutions for all of your furniture, appliance, mattress, TV, and home décor needs!

Where to Begin

October 13, 2014

Where to Begin

Where to Begin

You are about to begin your furniture shopping experience. Maybe this is your first go-around with moving out for the first time, or maybe it has been 30 years since you last furnished your home. We want to do our best to make your experience with us as easy as possible, so here are some tips we would like to share with you to help you begin:
1. Bring with you dimensions of the room or rooms you are looking to furnish. Having these dimensions could make the difference between a 96” sofa or an 84” sofa, or if you are able to fit a king-size or queen-size bed in your master bedroom.
2. If you are matching furniture you have in the room, feel free to bring a piece of the furniture with you to get as close of a match as possible. Whether it is a drawer off of a dresser or a pillow from a sofa, it will make a huge difference and will create less stress when making a decision. Often, it is hard to know what colors will look like together without seeing it in person. Don’t second guess when it comes to matching.
3. Appliance shopping can be tedious because there are so many models out there. Having the dimensions of the space or spaces ready to go will help narrow down your choices to make an easier decision.
4. Smartphones have revolutionized the furniture industry! By taking pictures of the spaces you are looking to furnish, it will help our consultants give the best advice for designing the room.

We have been helping citizens of El Paso and the surrounding areas with all of their furniture, appliance, mattress, TV, and home décor needs since 1951. Let us know how we are able to help you find solutions today! DAW’S Home Furnishings…we are the family behind the values!

2 more tips on how to arrange your furniture

October 4, 2014

2 more tips on how to arrange your furniture

There is no one method to use when trying to position your home's furniture appropriately to maximize its stylistic and practical values. In fact, the bevy of ways you can use your sofas, tables and other items to express yourself and create a comfortable living space is why interior designing is so widely accepted as an art form. There are endless possibilities regarding what you can do. Nevertheless, all of those options sometimes require guidelines to provide you with some sort of direction.

Here are two tips to be mindful of when trying to optimize the value of your furniture:

Nurture healthy relationships: When interior designers speak about the relationship between items they're really discussing the concept of balance. The two forms of balance in designing are symmetrical and asymmetrical. With bilateral symmetry, there are two of every piece of furniture in a space. Asymmetry refers to differences in sizes, colors and shapes. While symmetrical appearances are used to convey a calm and restful space, asymmetry evokes visual motility and energy.

Splurge on the lighting: HGTV designer Erinn Valencich tells Woman's Day that "lighting is one of the most important elements in a space. And placement should maximize light in the room."

Not only does the amount of light matter, but the quality of your lighting can be a playful way to set the tone of a space. Strategically positioning three lamps in a room can provide a lovely triangle of light that provides a feeling of more space as well as a fresh decorative presence.

From placing all rugs and carpets under furniture to positioning dining room tables directly under the light and buying the largest coffee tables you can, the philosophies on what makes a good home design are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow. Nevertheless, when you've decided on what direction you want to take your home's look in, use DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores to find all of the high quality and affordable pieces you need. Contact us today!

2 tips on how to arrange your home’s furniture

October 3, 2014

2 tips on how to arrange your home’s furniture

One of the most frustrating aspects of furniture shopping is finding the perfect piece but having no idea how to make it work within your home. Sometimes the complication comes with making the color of a la z boy recliner match the shade of your living room walls. Other times there is an internal struggle over how much space you're willing to sacrifice for the most beautiful contemporary leather sofa you've ever seen. 

Most professional designers will tell you that the best way to determine how furniture pieces fit in your home is through trial and error. Nevertheless, home decorating is an art that often requires careful calculations of style and needs, which sometimes necessitates a few standard guidelines to help simplify the process. 

Here are two design rules of thumb to remember when trying to properly arrange your furniture: 

Couches need a little space: Former HGTV host and celebrity designer Angelo Surmelis tells Woman's Day that "placing a couch even a few inches away from the wall will create a little breathing room and make a space seem larger."

Another way you can play with furniture and space if you have a large room is by positioning a large sofa in the center, facing a set of windows or fireplace. This maneuver will give the area a feel of having been split into two areas. 

Mix up sizes: Another trick to remember when trying to assemble enough furniture pieces for a room is that mixing up sizes can result in a very appealing look. Especially if you're looking for a more interesting and challenging visual experience, jumbling different sizes and colors of furniture together adds an undeniable energy to the area.

When looking to maximize the effect of your home's furniture, it's a great idea to maximize the amount of pieces you're choosing from. DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores has an extensive selection of beautiful and affordable products for you to consider. Contact us today!

2 more tips for a beautiful nursery

October 3, 2014

2 more tips for a beautiful nursery

In an earlier article, we discussed several ways you can simplify your life while pregnant by not working too hard on a nursery, while still creating a room that's conducive to your baby's happiness and health. One of the best ways to save yourself some time and energy is through using items that will grow with the child or at least remain useful for years. There are no shortage of ways you can create the ideal living space without burning yourself out or draining your bank account.

Here are two more tips:

Set balanced expectations: Deciding what goes into a nursery often depends on the size of the room and how long you expect to keep it for that purpose. These two thoughts are great starting points when figuring out what will go into the room and where will those items go, not just for a neat appearance but for safety and easy maneuverability during those moments when raising a child throws surprises at you. Nobody wants to be rocking an infant to sleep at 3 a.m. only to bruise their foot on a toy that wasn't tucked away on a shelf or in a chest.

Store wisely: Speaking of avoiding bruised feet and other mishaps, storing all of the items in a nursery shouldn't be a budget busting adventure. Building shelves on the walls is one relatively simple and affordable method. Also, instead of investing in a fancy dresser, unless you're looking for something to last beyond infancy, baskets and fabric storage bins are great for holding toys and clothes.

Remember that after you've decided what look you want, DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores has all of the items you're looking for. Our products are both high quality and reasonably priced. Contact us today!

More ways to completely transform your home’s interior

October 2, 2014

More ways to completely transform your home’s interior

In an earlier article, we discussed the need to make interior design changes to our home for reasons that don't always seem obvious. What can be fun about these kind of renovation projects is that you aren't limited by the boundaries traditionally set in place by a theme or popular school of thought. Creating a new living space for the sake of feeling something different when you walk in your home means you can literally follow any instinct you have.

Here are a few suggestions if you're looking to switch up your living space's look:

Pillows: Using pillows is a common interior design tactic that has become so ubiquitous that it even works when you're not looking to adhere to any specific theme.

"Pillows are one of the easiest and quickest ways to experiment with color. The turquoise and plum are an atypical combination, but they unexpectedly complement each other. They're a great contrast with the neutral background, and they break up the sea of beige," says interior designer Sheila Bridges, according to a House Beautiful article.

Use what you have: Looking to buy a new full size sofa or recliner chairs is a great way to start a renovation project. But why not consider what you already have. Chances are excellent that you have items tucked away in your basement or attic that haven't been thought about for years or decades but if given a second look may be usable. Old plates can be hung on walls as art just as old, classic books have a away of tying a room together depending on how they're arranged on a coffee table.

After you've decided what direction you want to go in regarding your home's new look, use DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores for the stylish and dependable furniture pieces you're looking for. Contact us today!

3 tips for designing a nursery

October 1, 2014

3 tips for designing a nursery

With all of the excitement, anxiety and anticipation naturally infused into a pregnancy, it seems that it would be best to make your life a little easier whenever possible. Fortunately, designing your newborn's nursery doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience. Sometimes, you only need a few small touches.

Here are a three tips for you to remember:

Don't over-think the process: One of the easiest truths to overlook is the reality that it's perfectly acceptable to improvise. If you have furniture pieces that aren't nursery-specific but would work just as well for the baby's safety and comfort then why not use them? The same can be said for untraditional wallpaper and fabrics you may want to use for decoration. 

Go big with the crib: If there is one piece of furniture for a nursery that you cannot skimp on, it would be the crib. You'll certainly want something reliable and safe as he or she will be spending most of her time there. Convertible cribs are also a great investment because as the child grows, you can still use it when he or she is a toddler. Even more impressive, some convertible cribs can be upgraded to twin or full-sized mattresses and can stay with the child all the way through high school. 

Play with paint: Some parents like to have a mural painted on the walls of a baby's new room, for both stylistic reasons and the health of the newborn's developing brain. While this is a great idea if you have the time and money, a simpler approach would be to add horizontal stripes. Just pick at least two of your favorite colors, painter's tape, a brush and start embracing your inner Picasso.

Use DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores when looking for beautiful and dependable items. Contact us today!

How to transform your home through interior design

September 26, 2014

How to transform your home through interior design

Often, renovating our living spaces is a project that usually hinges on some sort of theme. Maybe we want our colors to echo the leaves of fall or convey a sense of warmth that contrasts the winter chill. Sometimes we need to accommodate a new housemate. On other occasions time and damage necessitate that we make some upgrades. 

But every once a while we want to change the way our home looks simply for the sake of change. For reasons that aren't always obvious, we occasionally find ourselves in a place where we want to feel and look at something different when we come home. 

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for transforming your living space: 

Break rules: Mix everything together until you come up with something you like. Throw the old in with the new and combine stripes and polka dots if you're so inclined. A great aspect of furniture is that much of it usually has a story to tell, whether a piece was for your first apartment, was handed down by a beloved grandparent or gave you a "love at first sight" feeling at a yard sale. Instead of focusing solely on the look, take a minute to consider what items are important to you and why. 

Start with your floor: According to a House Beautiful article, Healing Barsanti Home co-founder Patricia Healing says that "the rug is the most important piece in any room, I think. When you start with a great rug, you can build off of it. It's the foundation for the room." 

Along with rugs which can differ in design, texture, shape and thickness, you may also want to stain or paint your floor. A floor with a softer or lighter color will make the space feel larger than it actually is.

When you've decided what you want your new look to be, visit DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores afterward where you'll find all of the stylish and dependable furniture pieces you're looking for. Contact us today!

A pair of tips on how to make the most of a small living space

September 22, 2014

A pair of tips on how to make the most of a small living space

Whether you live in a mansion with more rooms than you can keep track of or a studio apartment in a crowded metropolis, making the most of what living space you have is a universal pursuit. This reality may be even more pressing for people living in cities where living area is typically smaller. According to the World Health Organization, more than half of all people in the world lived in an urban area in 2010. By 2030, projections estimate that 60 percent of the world will be living in cities.

With space becoming less available, thus more valuable, it's important to know how to maximize what you have. Here are a few tips to consider:

The Kitchen: Often viewed as the heart of the home by the real estate industry, this area can often become quickly overcrowded with excessive and oversized appliances. Think about investing in microwaves equipped with inverter technology, which are compact but function like a full-sized oven, and eliminate the need for other complementary devices that take up more storage space. 

The Living Room: Choosing not just the appropriate size but the appropriate type of furniture is often key to creating a comfortable living room with limited square footage. Instead of buying a full sofa, consider buying some la z boy chairs instead which provide greater maneuverability and freedom for design. Also, avoiding couches that come with skirts and opting for elevated designs that leave space under them help create a more open look.

Two other simple tricks include adding a large mirror to create an illusion of openness and avoiding unnecessary clutter.

When you've chosen what decorative tips you will follow to maximize the space of your home, be sure to visit DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores afterward where you'll find all of the stylish and dependable furniture pieces you're looking for. Contact us today!

How to use color in home decorating

September 17, 2014

How to use color in home decorating

Color stands as one of the most vital aspects to consider when looking to decorate your home. Along with the simple fact that it is integral to creating beauty throughout our lives, colors even play a role in our emotional states and moods. Perhaps it's that powerful effect it has in our lives which can make color such an overwhelming and intimidating entity to deal with. Walk into a major department store and ask for a red paint, you may spend the rest of the day poring over dozens of shades looking for the perfect one. But dealing with the endless options of tones doesn't have to be a chore. 

Here is one way you can creatively apply color to your home: 

Listen to nature: When dealing with color, one of the more important aspects involves understanding a tone's value. In this context, value is understood as the relative lightness or darkness of a color. A home that is considered unbalanced in terms of value is one where one room is too dark, also known as weighty or heavy, while another is too light and fails to ground itself in the overall scheme. To avoid this, mimicking the color scheme of nature is a great technique. 

Just as dirt is dark, consider using darker colors for your flood, whether through staining, dark rugs and carpets or through tiles you can self-install. Medium colors would work well for your walls, as it is with the shades of trees and mountains, and a light upper area of a room can create a greater feeling of space while replicating the essence of the sky.

Remember that when deciding what color furniture will work best with your overall scheme, come to DAW'S Home Furnishings' El Paso TX furniture stores. We have all of the selections that you'll want, appealing in both look and price. Contact us today!

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